Beating the Breakfast Blues

Breakfast is your body’s way of refueling after hours of no nourishment. Research shows that breakfast is associated with:

•overall improved health
•a healthier diet intake
•better body weight
•lowered risk for some chronic diseases
•increased cognitive benefits
•improved endurance for athletes

Although breakfast provides us with many benefits it is often the most skipped meal of the day. Below are some common reasons for missing breakfast:

•you are not hungry when you wake up-it may take some time to adjust to eating breakfast so start small with a glass of 100% juice not from concentrate and a hard boiled egg •you do not have time-plan the night before what you will eat the next morning. Keep quick foods ready such as instant oatmeal with fresh fruit or peanut butter on Ezekiel bread
•you do not like breakfast foods-you don’t have to eat “breakfast” foods, have leftovers from the night before, make a turkey sandwich, or avocado toast with fruit and a glass of milk
•you are trying to lose weight and eat less-breakfast can help with weight management as it can keep you feeling full which can prevent over eating later in the day
Drop a comment below to let me know what is your biggest reason for skipping breakfast or what your favorite thing is to eat for breakfast.

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