Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s: Hormones, Labs, & Monitoring (Part 2)

Why Is It Important To Know if You Have Hypothyroidism?
If hypothyroidism is not treated you can have increased cholesterol levels and be at a higher risk for having a stroke or heart attack.
You may develop a goiter or suffer from peripheral neuropathy, infertility, or even have loss of consciousness and a drop in body temperature that can be life-threatening. 

 Let’s take a look at some of the thyroid hormones:

The hypothalamus and pituitary gland produce hormones (TRH and TSH). These hormones then trigger the production of T4 (inactive) and T3 (active) thyroid hormones.

When the thyroid gland secretes T4 this needs to be converted into T3 so it can be used by our cells. This mainly happens in the liver and gut. Be sure to listen to episode #13 on gut health if you haven’t already.

Have you had the following labs checked before?

Have you been told your TSH levels were fine, yet you still feel all the classic symptoms of a thyroid disorder?

This disorder is NOT done justice and you deserve more than being dismissed if you are feeling crummy but your TSH is “normal”.

Here is a brief description of each lab you should have checked:

Free T4-this hormone is made by the thyroid gland and is an INACTIVE form. It can only be converted into T3 when it is in it’s free form.

TSH-thyroid stimulating hormone, it is a reflection of your pituitary function. Your pituitary gland secretes this hormone and then sends it to the thyroid gland to create T1, 2, 3, and 4.

T4-total T4 shows both the unbound/free and bound levels of inactive T4 and active T3 hormones that are circulating in the blood stream.
Total T3 can give more information into how your body is converting T4 to T3

Free T3-this is the active form and what is used to provide you with energy. This hormone drives metabolism.

Reverse T3-this is an inactive form and not usable by the cells. These can bind to cell receptor sites and prevent T3 from being used by the body. This generally happens in times of high stress levels in order to slow the body down and conserve energy.

Tg Ab-these attack thyroglobulin which is what your body uses to produce hormones. This test can be used to help determine Hashimoto’s

TPO Ab-thyroid peroxidase antibodies-these attack an enzyme that is used to make thyroid hormones. Having this lab checked can help determine if you have Hashimoto’s.

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