Coaching services are individually tailored to each client and are designed to give you one-on-one attention.
The sessions can be conducted by a phone call, Zoom, or Face Time.
The advantage to 1:1 coaching is the session focuses on the specific area the client is having the biggest struggle with and we determine practical ways to help solve the issue. 


coaching services

My 1:1 individual coaching program is where I complete a comprehensive initial assessment, evaluate your specific needs and then develop an overall customized plan based on what YOUR assessment shows. 
It includes: 
1. An initial 1 hour call to discuss your specific struggles and goals.
This will allow us to set an overall roadmap for the next 3 months.
2. Four 30 minute coaching calls each month that specifically address the issues that trigger from the weekly client check-in evaluations. 
3. Calorie/macronutrient calculations 
4. A family friendly 50 page recipe ebook  

5. Weekly completion of The Goal Tracker Sheet where we will work together to set goals for the upcoming week to keep you on track and moving forward.
6. Access to my private Facebook group.

The program for each person is different based on the needs identified in the initial assessment and each person’s individual goals.
The 1:1 coaching requires a 3 month commitment. I am happy to schedule a free 30 minute call to answer any questions and explain the program in more detail. Please complete the Send Us A Note section to set up a time to discuss your goals and see if you would be a good fit for our coaching services.  The cost of the program is $400/month.
Customized meal plans can be added on as needed at an additional charge. 

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