Welcome to The Fitness Nutritionists Podcast!

Welcome to the Fitness Nutritionists Podcast! We created this podcast to help women find real answers to their questions regarding weight, physical health, fitness, mental health, and all the other things we deal with as women, such as low energy levels, cravings, and hormones.

Meet Stefanie Wilkerson:
My name is Stefanie and I’m the owner and founder of the Fitness Nutritionists.  I’m a registered and licensed dietitian, a certified personal trainer, and a certified health coach. I live with my husband who is a firefighter and paramedic on a farm in the hills of deep East Texas, where we have dogs, cats, horses, a donkey, and a chicken. We have twins, a boy and a girl, who are currently in college and are the joys of our life. Our son is studying forestry and wildlife management and our daughter is actually a nutrition major, and plans to focus on sports nutrition.

I also own a clinical consulting company that provides nutrition services to long-term care facilities and I run an online program for women who are wanting to find their healthy weight and improve their physical and mental health. I help women who have depression or anxiety learn how, by using nutrition and fitness, they can improve their physical and mental health. We also talk a lot about mindset and finding peace with food, since many women eat out of emotion without truly knowing exactly how food affects both their mind and body.

Meet Mandy Yeary:
My name is Mandy. I, too, live on a farm but in the West Texas area. My husband is a farmer and he also owns a trucking company. We too, have lots of little animals, similar to Stefanie. I am a clinical dietitian in long-term care and also in rehab consulting. I have been a dietitian for over 20 years, like Stefanie. We have a son who is a professional bull rider and our daughter who is an aesthetician, so she does skin health. I love to cook; I love to read. So, I’m looking forward to talking about a few of those topics. Stefanie and I are super excited and very passionate about what we do and can’t wait to talk with you about all things relating to women’s mental and physical health.

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